Working with the mythic in psychotherapy

Workshop name: Working with the mythic in psychotherapy
Presenter Name and Surname: Coralina Chiriac
Workshop duration: 1hr.30 min

Biography of presenter:

Coralina Chiriac is an integrative psychotherapist, clinical psychologist and Vice President of the Romanian Association for Integrative Psychotherapy.
She has graduated a specialization in Integrative Psychotherapy at EUROCPS with Prof. Ken Evans and M.A Joanna Hewitt-Evans in U.K.
She has participated at the Supervision Workshop at EUROCPS in Normandy, France. She has also aspecialization in Somato-Therapy in France (EEPSA)
Coralina Chiriac has been working for seven years in different forms of healing practices as „Working with the mythic” and „Meeting your Shadow self” with Chris Waters in the U.K. She participated at the workshop of communication: Speaking from the heart with John Dawson (U.K)
Currently she is doing a specialization in Child and Adolescent Integrative Psychotherapy in the U.K, at EUROCPS.
She also has a Trauma specialization with Dr. Albert Zandvoort (from Metanoia) and Dr. Michelle Zandvoort and a specialization in Relational-Body Psychotherapy with Julianne Appel-Opper.

Workshop presentation :

As I sit in my practice and listen to clients everyday, I travel through hundreds of life moments. I accompany them on the epic and magnificent hero’s journeys that we call life.
Not much has changed in the last thousands of years but for our name, we are now called psychotherapists. Yet, in our core, we are the storytellers, the weavers of destinies and the creators of shifts of perspectives. If there is anything I learnt, it is that the meeting with a client can truly be poetry, and their story is my story, and my story is our story as a collective consciousness.
So allow me to invite you to explore together experientially, though integrative techniques of intervention, how we create the mythic in our practice, the stories that we tell, the archetypes that we call upon, the moments when we meet the magic of relationship that descends for healing and wholeness.
I want to sit together with you like it is inscribed in our DNA, in a circle, and re-member all the mythical meaning of being together in the field filled with possibilities.

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