The vocabulary of drugs – The compassion of the psychotherapist in working with addiction. Dr. Chiriac Gina, Cojocaru Constantin Workshop Duration: 1hr 30min The workshop aims to highlight the historical drug consumption in the world, with an emphasis on documentary evidence of indications of geographical space consumption of these substances in our country. In parallel with this aspect, there will be mapped more specific terms, the origin of which is related to the drug consumption, taken up from the vocabulary and from the collective consciousness of our country and used in everyday communication, without many of the users knowing their original meaning, but also the influences of the oriental civilizations, especially the Arab and Turkish, regarding the inland habits of the consumption of psychotropic substances. Also, the database of terms will be explored and developed by the dependent patient regarding the addictive consumption, which has the natural tendency to use in the relation with the psychotherapist, in order to optimize communication. There will be taken into account both the common terms (dose, overdose, withdrawal, tolerance, abstinence etc.) and those of jargon (powder, weed , joint , snow , crack , honey, morphism , emsel , ball , flash , kick, speed -ball, high , speed , blotter , blotter acid , windows / panes , micropoints , happy- faces , mime – trips / comic -trips , purple haze , sunshine explosion , keta , vitamin k , ketavet , ozone , angel dust , rocket fuel , embalming fluid , etc.). Sailing with the client through the icebergs among their own specific fears of the inner child, sometimes conducting the therapy with the boldness of the professional adult, like a ship captain, the psychotherapist stays open to the road leading to the port where the therapeutic objective gets achieved. In this context, the therapeutic relation becomes a ship of safety. The last part will be dedicated to identifying a potential consumer based on verbal, nonverbal and para -communication (content of verbal communication, speed / pace of speech, intonation, physical and behavioral aspects) The workshop invites the participants to a journey in which we will explore together, by association, how and what exactly we understand, decipher and use the practical, experiential and educational perspective of the compassion which in an important aspect of the psychotherapeutic process in working with addiction. Ph.D. Gina Chiriac is main psychologist, psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor, specialized in integrative psychotherapy at the European Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies (EUROCPS), trainer in somato-therapy and trainer/ analyst in integrative psychoanalysis (European Association of Somatotherapy, Somatoanalysis and Socio-Somato-Psychoterapy, Strasbourg, France), specialist in clinical hypnosis and Ericksonian therapy, has graduated a series of training classes in many methods of integrative psychotherapy gestalt-therapy, A.T, drama-therapy, art-therapy, psychoanalytic therapy group therapy and couple’s therapy. Along the professional activity, has specialized and worked in groups of psychotherapy from Romania, France and England, with trainers from France, Swiss land, Switzerland, Germany, England and USA. In 1996 she founded and accredited the first association of Integrative Psychotherapy from Romania-ARPI, where she is president at the moment. In 2012 she founded the European Institute for the Study of Therapy – Children and Adolescents – (Institutul European de Studii pentru Terapia Copiilor și Adolescenților – IESTCA) She works as a psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor in private practice and in groups for psychotherapy, training and supervision. Cojocaru Constantin is Reserve Officer, specialist in information, negotiation, terrorism and organized crime, violence and aggression, consumption and drug trafficking, mediator, vice-president of Oltenia Section of the International Antidrug Alliance, licensed in legal Sciences, has graduated the Police Faculty of the „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” and from two post-university masters. He is a trainer for the course „Interdisciplinary approach to illicit drug use. Specific intervention techniques of psychotherapy” with psychologist Dr. Gina Chiriac, course developed and running under the aegis of the Romanian Association for Integrative Psychotherapy.

The vocabulary of drugs – The compassion of the psychotherapist in working with addiction.  

Dr. Chiriac Gina, Cojocaru Constantin 
Workshop Duration: 1hr 30min

The workshop aims to highlight the historical drug consumption in the world, with an emphasis on documentary evidence of indications of geographical space consumption of these substances in our country.

In parallel with this aspect, there will be mapped more specific terms, the origin of which is related to the drug consumption, taken up from the vocabulary and from the collective consciousness of our country and used in everyday communication, without many of the users knowing their original meaning, but also the influences of the oriental civilizations, especially the Arab and Turkish, regarding the inland habits of the consumption of psychotropic substances.

Also, the database of terms will be explored and developed by the dependent patient regarding the addictive consumption, which has the natural tendency to use in the relation with the psychotherapist, in order to optimize communication.

There will be taken into account both the common terms (dose, overdose, withdrawal, tolerance, abstinence etc.) and those of jargon (powder, weed , joint , snow , crack , honey, morphism , emsel , ball , flash , kick, speed -ball, high , speed , blotter , blotter acid , windows / panes , micropoints , happy- faces , mime – trips / comic -trips , purple haze , sunshine explosion , keta , vitamin k , ketavet , ozone , angel dust , rocket fuel , embalming fluid , etc.).

Sailing with the client through the icebergs among their own specific fears of the inner child, sometimes conducting the therapy with the boldness of the professional adult, like a ship captain, the psychotherapist stays open to the road leading to the port where the therapeutic objective gets achieved. In this context, the therapeutic relation becomes a ship of safety.

The last part will be dedicated to identifying a potential consumer based on verbal, nonverbal and para -communication (content of verbal communication, speed / pace of speech, intonation, physical and behavioral aspects)

The workshop invites the participants to a journey in which we will explore together, by association, how and what exactly we understand, decipher and use the practical, experiential and educational perspective of the compassion which in an important aspect of the psychotherapeutic process in working with addiction.

Ph.D. Gina Chiriac is main psychologist, psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor, specialized in integrative psychotherapy at the European Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies (EUROCPS), trainer in somato-therapy and trainer/ analyst in integrative psychoanalysis (European Association of Somatotherapy, Somatoanalysis and Socio-Somato-Psychoterapy, Strasbourg, France), specialist in clinical hypnosis and Ericksonian therapy, has graduated a series of training classes in many methods of integrative psychotherapy gestalt-therapy, A.T, drama-therapy, art-therapy, psychoanalytic therapy group therapy and couple’s therapy.

Along the professional activity, has specialized and worked in groups of psychotherapy from Romania, France and England, with trainers from France, Swiss land, Switzerland, Germany, England and USA.

In 1996 she founded and accredited the first association of Integrative Psychotherapy from Romania-ARPI, where she is president at the moment.



In 2012 she founded the European Institute for the Study of Therapy – Children and Adolescents – (Institutul European de Studii pentru Terapia Copiilor și Adolescenților – IESTCA)

She works as a psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor in private practice and in groups for psychotherapy, training and supervision.

Cojocaru Constantin is Reserve Officer, specialist in information, negotiation, terrorism and organized crime, violence and aggression, consumption and drug trafficking, mediator, vice-president of Oltenia Section of the International Antidrug Alliance, licensed in legal Sciences, has graduated the Police Faculty of the „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” and from two post-university masters.

He is a trainer for the course „Interdisciplinary approach to illicit drug use. Specific intervention techniques of psychotherapy” with psychologist Dr. Gina Chiriac, course developed and running under the aegis of the Romanian Association for Integrative Psychotherapy.

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