The rhythm of life

Workshop name:  The rhythm of life
Presenter Name and Surname: Lesley Brown,M.Sc.
Co-Presenter Name and Surname:Jo –Ann Roden, B.Sc
Workshop duration:1.5hr

Biography of Presenter:

Lesley Brown C.Psychol., M.Sc.(counselling) Diplomas in Gestalt, Integrative Psychosynthesis, Supervision and Group Facilitation. UKCP registered
Lesley has a private psychotherapy and supervision practice in London U.K. working with individuals, couples and groups. She works at Re-Vision training counsellors, psychotherapist, couple counsellors, supervisors and group facilitators. The core psychological learning at Re-Vision is based on an integrative relational model that draws on Post Jungian, Gestalt and Archetypal approaches.
Lesley was previously a dancer who toured internationally. Since that time she has followed many paths – Psychotherapy, Art therapy, Breathwork, Movement Therapy, Meditation, Creative Visualisation, Tantra, Shamanism, Sacred dance and Tai Chi – ancient and modern wisdom to explore the self –body, heart, mind, soul and spirit. Movement therapist Daria Halprin, 5 Rhythms Shaman Gabrielle Roth and Ecospiritualist Bernard Wosien have inspired and helped her synthesis the many paths with psychotherapy.

Biography of co-presenter:

Jo-Ann Roden B.Sc(Hons), MBACP reg.accred., UKCP reg.). Jo-Ann originally read philosophy and experimental psychology at university before going on to complete diplomas in Integrative Psychosynthesis psychotherapy and Integrative Supervision.

Jo-Ann trained as a psychotherapist at Re-Vison where she now works as a tutor, alongside a private practice, counselling in secondary education and workshop facilitation. Jo-Ann has worked for many years with young people in the substance misuse field and has a special interest in attachment and addiction form a soulful perspective.
Jo-Ann is a busy mother of three girls, and enjoys walking her dogs, swimming and dancing, when she has a spare moment.

Workshop presentation:

“In reality, there is nothing but a living body. That is the fact; psyche is as much a living body as body is living psyche; it is just the same”
Jung 1988,Vol.1 p. 396

The relationship of self to body is indivisible and inescapable. Being – existence, energy, vitality – means that our spirit fills our body. Our full self is embodied. Yet for so many of us, the body is a feared enemy whose instincts, impulses and hungers are not to be trusted and not loved. Yet until we trust ourselves how can we trust another? Until we love ourselves how can we love another?
Body movement reaches to the depths of our psyches and in doing so forms connections universally understood beyond the boundaries of culture and nations. We move before we are born and we continue to move through life. Motion and emotion are experienced in the body. Everything that happens to us is stored in our body. If our expressions of emotion have not been well received we shut down.

Dance is the most immediate way of expressing the body’s essential rhythms. Rhythm is fundamental to life and repetition is the essence of rhythm and we are constantly in rhythm – the pulse, the heart, night and day, the pull of the moon towards and away. Dance reflects that we are all connected moving through time and space in the cosmic rhythm of life. However many of us have lost this connection.

Healing is a journey and learning to truly inhabit our bodies is a necessary part of that journey. This soulful workshop supported by wonderful music, as well as times of silence, offers an expedition through the five universal rhythms suggested by Gabriele Roth –flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness. The challenge – and gift – is to unlock the amazing wisdom in our bodies.

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