The co-created field from an interdisciplinary perspective

One of the aspects which fascinated me in the integrative approach to psychotherapy was the co-creation of the therapeutic relationship.
At my first interactions with the ARPI trainers, I found the way an integrative psychotherapist knows what, when and how to do very surprising, and, like magic, you’re turned into a different person! You can leave such therapy thinking you have been part of something magical!
For those who are curious to unfold a part of the mystery of this sort of magic, the workshop proposes an interdisciplinary approach on what exactly is happening in the client-therapist relationship in integrative psychotherapy.

Thus, we will be discussing:

    • the relationship of the self with the other, from the perspective of the relational model of development;
    • the human being as bio-electro-magnetic system and the interaction process with the environment in which he manifests- trough Gestalt theory and the theory of Erwin Schrödinger;
    • the field co-created by the therapist and the client, as space of healing, as Gestalt therapists call it;
    • dissonance and consonance in psychical processes, through the approach of the consonatist psychology of Ştefan Odobleja;
    • the destructuring and restructuring of the client’s state in integrative psychotherapy as seen through the phenomenon of self-organization described by the Russian Ylia Prigogine;

The indetermination principle in quantum psychics and in the private practice.

Thus, we will be looking close enough at what is happening in the field co-created by the therapist and the client. We will find out how the integrative therapist allows himself to participate at the process, how he „reads” the field, using instruments like proprioception – instrument the Gestalt therapists often talk about. We will find out how the client can rebuild parts of himself, in a conscious effort, sustained by this field.
And we will also find that the indetermination principle from quantum psychics applies in the integrative private practice- there is always a factor of uncertainty in the therapeutic relationship, which could be called various names, including „magic”. Which is why I consider we should all be curious regarding what the therapeutic process might bring.

Ana Maria Bădălan: the intense study of mathematics ( in middle school ) and informatics ( in high school ) laid the foundation for my structured thinking . My first bachelor degree thesis helped me take a look into the microcosm and macrocosm. I was lucky that Mrs. Margareta Ignat Ph.D. and professor of physics at the Iasi University accepted my diploma thesis entitled „Principles of thermodynamics between creation and evolution.” The second college – Social Communication and Public Relations – brought me into the sphere of humanities. I have not yet decided the usefulness of my master studies in European public administration and national and international security. I believe that I have retired at the right time before obtaining the Ph.D. in Military Science. In 2011, after attending for five years classes of personal development in different groups, I have been accepted at the ARPI classes, where I managed , I say , to penetrate the secrets of integrative psychotherapy .

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