The Chiron myth and the journey of becoming a psychotherapist

Workshop Name: TheChiron myth and the journey of becoming a psychotherapist
Presenter name and surname: Gane Silvia Georgiana
Workshop duration :1 hr 30 min

Biography of presenter :

Main psychotherapist, vice-president of the Association for Research and Counseling in Integrative Psychotherapy, doctor specialized in psychiatry, trainer and supervisor at The Romanian Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy.
She has trainings and professional courses in psychotherapy such as integrative psychotherapy, somato-terhapy, Reich analysis, clinical hypnosis, relaxation techniques and eriskonian therapy, psycho-sexology, Cognitive behavioral hypnotherapy and co-counselling.
With a rich and diverse clinical experience, she has been a constant presence, a passionate speaker at the international and national scientific manifestations, with themes in psychotherapy, she is always interested in promoting the good practices of psychotherapy and in enriching the experience and knowledge in psychotherapy.

Workshop presentation:

The mythic embodiment of the Wounded Healer, Chiron offers the fundamental key for understanding, accesing and activating the “soul’s healers” healing capabilities.
Starting from the myth of the unique wise centaur,the workshop gives to the participants the opportunity to discover and explore the sources and the resources of becoming and functioning of the personal internal healer.
Through the personal therapeutic experience, the internal space for experiencing, integrating and mentalising is created and it’s used for enhancing the functionality of the healing capabilities.
Putting together ericksonian hypnotherapeutic techniques with elements of the metaphoric symbolized imagery and with expressive, neurolinguistic programming and Egostate therapy’s methods into a hypnoanalythical intervention frame, the workshop offers an “in vivo” illustration of the integrative psychotherapy working

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