Teaching off the Group

Workshop name : Teaching off the Group
Presenter Name and Surname: Bob Cooke , TSTA
Workshop duration : 3 hr.

Biography of presenter:

BOB COOKE  –  Teaching Supervising Transactional Analyst  UKCP Registered Psychotherapist
He is the founder of the Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy UK, and is an experienced Psychotherapist, Freelance Trainer and Supervisor.
Bob is the Clinical Training Director of the Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy – Manchester UK – and runs, a  four-year Integrative TA Psychotherapy Programme, at MIP (Established 1987).
Bob is a Teaching Supervising Transactional Analyst (EATA), he is also an accredited international integrative psychotherapist.(IIPA)
As well as the above, he has trained people to be Psychotherapists for many years in both Australia, Slovenia and various other European Countries
The basic theoretical framework that he uses in his work is Transactional Analysis and Integrative Relational Psychotherapy.

Workshop presentation:

Within this workshop I will be demonstrating group therapy.  My style of group therapy can be termed as “Individual Therapy” within a Group setting.
This workshop will be useful to people who wish to observe a group psychotherapy in the above style, or people who may wish to refresh their psychotherapy skills.
I will be teaching off the work from both a Transactional Analysis view point and an Integrative Relational stand point.
This workshop will also be useful for people from either of the above disciplines, who want to see, not only clinical work in action but, also, to discuss the theory off the “Clinical work“.
I will be demonstrating and discussing:

  • The use of Contracting
  • Identification of Therapeutic Issues
  • How to maintain Contact with clients
  • How to use Inquiry, Attunement, and Involvement as a methodology of Relational Psychotherapy
  • How to deal with Transference and Counter-Transference issues
  • Observation of  Ego States and Transactions in action
  • How to work with Archaic and current relational needs as they emerge within the Therapeutic Process
  • Identifying Script Issues and Themes
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