Sailing through the unknown.  Supervision as Compass(ion) . Between fears and joy

Workshop name: Sailing through the unknown.  Supervision as Compass(ion) . Between fears and joy.
Presenter Name and Surname: Gina Chiriac,PhD

Biography of presenter:

Dr. Gina Chiriac is main psychologist, psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor, specialized in integrative psychotherapy at the European Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies (Eurocps),  trainer in somato-therapy and trainer/ analyst in integrative psychoanalysis                  (European Association of Somatotherapy, Somatoanalysis and Socio-Somato-Psychoterapy, Strasbourg, France), specialist in clinical hypnosis and Ericksonian therapy, has graduated a series of training classes in many methods of integrative psychotherapy gestalt-therapy,  A.T, drama-therapy, art-therapy, psychoanalytic therapy group therapy and couple’s therapy.

Along the professional activity, has specialized and worked in groups of psychotherapy from Romania, France and England, with trainers from France, Swiss land, Switzerland, Germany, England and USA.
In 1996 she founded and accredited the first association of Integrative Psychotherapy from Romania-ARPI, where she is president at the moment.

In 2012 she founded the European Institute for the Study of Therapy –Children and Adolescents- (Institutul European de studii pentru terapia copiilor și Adolescenților – IESTCA)
She works as psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor in private practice and in groups for psychotherapy, training and supervision

Workshop presentation:

Sailing with the client trough the icebergs among their own specific fears of the inner child, sometimes conducting the therapy with the boldness of the professional adult, like a ship captain, the psychotherapist stays open to the road leading to the port where the therapeutic objective gets achieved.

In this context, the therapeutic relation becomes a ship of safety. Its model gets completed in the supervision context. The supervision process represents a new stage in the professional evolution of each integrative psychotherapist.  Once with the client’s appearance, the supervision relation gets a complex dimension. The integrated aspects, the relational, emotional and cognitive aspects as well, of the three participants at the supervision process: the supervisor, the supervised psychotherapist and the client brought into supervision can model in different shapes the areas of supervision.

The purpose of supervision is to become a compass for orientation, an action of qualitative research in which the supervised psychotherapist experiments the professional dimension of self-expression. The emotional impact, the corporal, cognitive, spiritual and relational impact of meeting the client can be analyzed and understood from a new perspective.
The way in which the psychotherapist embodies the work with his/her client in the supervision process leads to an understanding from a new perspective of the therapeutic process, facilitating the achievement of the established objective in therapy, simultaneously with the personal growth and professional growth of the supervised psychotherapist.

The integrative theoretic model of the psychotherapist gets applied on the client’s map of reality and realizes itself through personal and professional experiences gained up to that moment. In this process, the psychotherapist, being aware of his/her own experience and of the processes that are taking place in the relational dimension of the self with the self, influences the therapy and the supervision process.
The workshop invites the participants to a journey in which we will explore together, by association, how and what exactly we understand, decipher and use the practical, experiential and educational perspective of the compass which represents the supervision process.

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