Resilience and emotional intelligence in children – an integrative perspective

Workshop name : Resilience and emotional intelligence in children – an integrative perspective
Presenter Name and Surname: Florinda Golu,Ph.D
Co -presenter Name and Surname: Adriana Stoica,Ph.D
Workshop duration : 1,5hr.

Biography of presenter :

With an experience of 10 years in higher Education, Florinda Golu has a PhD in psychology, is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Science of Education, Department of Psychology, where she is titular of the course on Human Development Psychology (bachelor studies), Psychological Evaluation and Projective Techniques (master studies), Personal development (doctorate studies).

As psychologist with a free practice license, Florinda Golu is also certified in clinical psychology, educational psychology, psychological counselling and psychotherapy. Florinda Golu is also a certified supervisor in clinical psychology, educational psychology and counselling, and is also a trainer at the Romanian Association for Integrative Psychotherapy and at the Romanian Association for Experiential Psychology.

She is the author of 10 specialized books and more than 30 articles, published in scientific journals of international and national level. She has participated at many national and international conferences as member of the scientific committee of organization, as reviewer, presenting papers, moderating sections and holding workshops.

Biography of co-presenter:

Adriana Stoica is a psychologist with a free practice license, has a certificate from the College of Psychologists from Romania in clinical psychology, psychological counselling, and special psycho-pedagogy. In this field Adriana Stoica has a professional experience longer than 19 years in evaluating and counselling children and in coordinating programs of personal development for children at individual level and in groups, in different associations, schools and kindergartens.
Also, Adriana Stoica has a rich practice and an extended area of professional competences: children counselling and psychotherapy, couple and family evaluation, children counselling in anxiety and attachment issues with obsessive-compulsive and oppositionist behaviors, children-parents relationships, projective techniques, and psychosomatics.

She has also participated in a series of prestigious conferences, at a national and international level, presenting scientific papers published in journals later.
Her favorite field of interest is the development and stimulation of emotional intelligence in children, issue which also made the doctoral thesis of Adriana Stoica, the conducted validation study conferring her the title of doctor in psychology at the University of Bucharest.

Workshop presentation:

The workshop „Resilience and emotional intelligence in children – an integrative perspective” proposes to the participants, during an hour and a half, an attractive way of working, interactive and challenging and will surprise the role of emotional intelligence as creative resource in child development and resilience training.
The process of child development is not uniform and linear. Frequently, moments of discontinuity and contrast appear, tensional spikes and conflictual spikes, critical moments and vulnerability: shyness and isolation, aggressiveness, stubbornness and hostility, egocentrism and narcissism, frustration, anger, traumas, fears and anxieties, developmental crises.
Stimuli acting on the child are numerous (family, school, society, playmates, and community members). The child’s attempts to cope with the challenges of a life full of uncertainties, demands, rules and requirements should be encouraged, in a supportive manner, stimulating the honest, natural need of the children to express themselves, to assert and confirm their personality.

Moving from cognitive skills to social, relational and emotional skills is an important step in gaining more than necessary skills for the challenges of adult life: adaptive competence. Awareness of own emotions and those of others, taking responsibility, free and open expression, empathic abilities, ability to face obstacles, frustrations and conflicts and resolve them in a creative way – all these are anchors in developing resilience and adaptability of the child.

The objectives of the workshop:

  • Highlighting the role of emotional intelligence in facilitating adaptation and harmonious integration of the child in the family and social environment.
  • Capturing double determination of the relation between resilience-emotional intelligence (cause and effect)
  • Familiarize participants with methods of training for the child’s resilience.
  • Empower participants in working with emotional intelligence stimulation techniques
  • Stimulate openness and empathy skills necessary in counseling and in psychotherapy for children
  • Training of the individual’s own creative resources and facilitate genuine communication.
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