„Nostalgia – where we come from and where we go to”- the meaning of Home.

Workshop name: „Nostalgia -where we come from and where we go to” – the meaning of Home.
Presenter Name and Surname : Joanna Kato, M.Sc.
Workshop duration :1,5hr

Biography of presenter :

M.Sc. psychologist, speech therapist, Gestalt psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer.
I graduated psychology and speech therapy in Poland.
I completed my psychotherapy training in Gestalt therapy at the Gestalt Foundation in Athens – Greece and the supervisor’s training at the European Centre of Psychotherapeutic Studies. I am a member of the European Association for Gestalt Therapist (EAGT) and of the Hellenic Association of Gestalt Therapists (HAGT).
I live and work in Athens.
From 1994 till 2001 I was a volunteer at Doctors of The World (counseling and street work mainly with drug abuse).
From 2006 till 2012 I have been working at the detention centers for emigrants awaiting deportation within a program of the NGO Medical Intervention.
Currently I work in my private practice and as a trainer at ARPI Romania. I continue my voluntary work at “Babel” Day Care Center for Emigrants in Athens.

Workshop presentation:

United Europe brings more and more themes connected with migration every year, not only for refugees and emigrants, whose life is often connected with forced relocation but also for people who move within Europe for professional and personal reasons.
The loss of home becomes a shared experience, the ordered wholeness, the sense of security and safety provided by home are shaken together with its physical and psychological dimensions.
What happens when we loose the familiarity that the world has for us? What happens when the “homeness” cannot anymore be taken for granted? What happens at the boundary between the inner and the outer world?
During this workshop we will explore the meaning of home and nostalgia connected with the process of adaptation and changes. Is it similar to the therapeutic process? We will look into the struggle connected with changes and the desire to belong to both: our focus of origin and our desired destination as an internal and external process.

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