Modern methods for the evaluation of the physiological reactivity

Co-Prezentator: Coralina Chiriac

Prezentator: Ph.D. Mihaela Chraif is Ph.D Reader at the University of Bucharest, Vice President of the „Romanian Society of Applied Experimental Psychology”, trainer, and autonomous psychologist. She has an extensive research experience and she is a constant presence at both national and international conferences.

Ph.D Mihaela Chraif is specialized in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, integrative psychotherapy, clinical hypnosis, psycho-diagnosis and clinical assessment, psychology, psychology of transport, experimental psychology, research, human resources, psychological test battery validation and personnel selection and evaluation.

She is an IEDRC member, International Economic Development and Research Center member, Hong Kong, member of the European Association of Integrative Psychotherapy EAIP, Dublin Ireland, member of the College of Psychologists of Romania, member of the Association of Psychologists of Labor and Transport Services,

Vice-President at the Society for Applied Experimental Psychology , member of the Romanian Association for Integrative Psychotherapy, Member of the Association of Applied Psychology and Related Sciences „No Stress Center”, member of the Association for the Development of Psychology-SMARTpsi.

Modern methods for the evaluation of the physiological reactivity

Physical aggression ranges in intensity from actions such as pushing or shoving, to serious physical attacks and fighting, leaving traces, traumas, both physical and psychological.

Huesmann Lr, Eron, (1986) underlines a very strong correlation between the aggressive behavior of medium intensity and the risk of serious aggression or later violent behavior. Anderson Ca, Bushman, (2002) points out the fact that the existence or presentation of violent thinking or aggressive emotions is a valid predictor for risk of violence.

This workshop aims to present the neural mechanisms involved in expressing emotions by exposing two types of scenarios: scenarios with physical and verbal aggression and scenarios with relaxing music. There will be a speech and also practical applications regarding the measurement of the physiological indicators: electrodermal reaction, pulse, tension, alterations of breathing and peripheral circulation.

The workshop combines at an optimum level the presentation of the underlying concepts on a theoretical basis with its practical applications.

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