Integrative psychotherapy: a Christian approach

Workshop name: Integrative psychotherapy: a Christian approach                                  
Presenter  Name and Surname: Anna Ostaszewska
Workshop duration:1.5hr

Biography of Presenter:

Psychotherapist for 30 years, supervisor, European Certificate of Psychotherapy. Member of the Association of Christian Psychologists in Poland (ACP). One of ACP founders. 1995 -2009 President of ACP. 2008-2014 President of ACP Psychotherapy Section. 2002-2014 Director of ACP Psychotherapy Study and ACP Counselling Study. Teacher on the ACP Psychotherapy Study (Integrative Psychotherapy: a Christian Approach, training of therapeutic skills, etc.). Since 2006 Secretary of the Polish Council for Psychotherapy. Vice-president of the European Movement for Christian Anthropology, Psychology and Psychotherapy.
Author of many articles i.e. “Scientific research on effectiveness of including spirituality or religiosity in psychotherapy”, “The Integrative Psychotherapy: A Christian Approach to Anxiety Therapy”. Her concept of integrative psychotherapy and “a car” model of a person were translated into English, Finish, Chinese, Ukrainian and Croatian.
At present she works as psychotherapist in the Integrative Psychotherapy Centre in Warsaw.

Workshop presentation:

I. Short presentation of the Association of Christian Psychologists in Poland
II. Integrative Psychotherapy
III. Presentation with a participant of the workshop – in the middle.
IV. Discussion

ACP exists since 1995. Since 1996 trainings, Psychotherapy Study. Since 2007 – 4-years Psychotherapy Study. ACP is a member of: EAP, EAIP, EMCAPP. In Poland: Polish Federation of Psychotherapy, Polish Council of Psychotherapy.
The approach was called Integrative Psychotherapy: A Christian Approach. Generally it means integration of emotional, cognitive, volitional, behavioral and spiritual spheres.
“Integrative psychotherapy” means integration of mainly psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioural modality. Psychotherapist works on activating repressed emotions and discovering unconscious convictions connected with these emotions. Attachment theory by John Bowlby is one of most important.
“Christian Approach” means Christian personalistic anthropology. The most important values are: a person and freedom. Spiritual dimension means personal relationship with God.
Psychotherapy is psychological treatment and it is not spiritual guiding. Patient can talk about his / her spirituality, it can be connected with psychological problems but it is not subject of psychotherapy. Psychotherapists learn how to difference between healthy (an independent person, freedom, personal relationship with God) and disturbed religious beliefs (dependence, luck of freedom, a person hardly exists).
Psychotherapist works on strengthening a person in therapy. Relationship with patient is very important and real but includes work on transference and countertransference. Working with nonverbal signals in psychotherapy: double signals, feedback is necessary.
Basic models will be presented: An integrated model of human being – “a car” model. Integration of physical, emotional, cognitive, volitional, behavioural and spiritual sphere.
Model of genesis of psychological disorders and work on change.
Psychotherapeutic work with unconscious life pattern: experience – emotions – convictions – behavior.

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