Evaluation and intervention in integrative psychotherapy by using the multimedia biofeedback systems

Workshop title: Evaluation and intervention in integrative psychotherapy by using the multimedia biofeedback systems.
Name and surname presenter : Viorel Paşca,Dr.
Duration of workshop: 2 hr. 30 min

Biography of presenter:

Main psychologist in clinical psychology and integrative psychotherapy, trainer at the Romanian Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy. He is a teacher at Universitatea de Vest “Vasile Goldiş” from Arad, where he teaches advanced classes of clinical evaluation of the adult and Clinical judicial psychology within the Master’s program. He is preoccupied with measuring and using the psychological indicators in clinical psychology, integrative psychotherapy and judicial psychology. He promotes the quantitative research and the qualitative research in clinical psychology and integrative psychotherapy as complementary methods for knowledge and in understanding the interior universe of the human being and the complexity of the human clinical picture of the psychic and psychosomatic sufferance. He has a special interest in the applications of integrative kind and has sustained many workshops for promoting and presenting this theme.

Workshop presentation:

Exploiting the state of wellbeing and the universe of psychopathology using physiological indicators, adds a plus of rigor and objectivity to the clinical and psychotherapeutic trial, beyond the subjectivity of our words and our experience.
The workshop tries to present a series of indicators which define the biological/ physiological level as an important component of the clinical picture in many mental disorders and psychosomatic disorders, as well as how to use them in the integrative therapeutic strategy.

The objectives of the workshop:
  • Knowing the dimensions which define the state of wellbeing and the psychopathologic universe in integrative psychotherapy;
  • Defining the biological/ physiological dimensions of the clinical picture of mental disorders or sufferance;
  • The Presentation and evaluation of the psychophysiological indicators used in pneumography, electrocardiography, plethysmography, electroencephalography, electromyography and electrodermography and their application in clinical psychology and in psychotherapy;
  • Presentation of the multimedia Biofeedback 2000x-pert and developing abilities for using it;
  • Implementing the biofeedback system in the strategy for the integrative psychotherapeutic intervention.

We will also discuss some applications of the cortical neuroimaging technologies and of the neuro-feedback techniques in the practice of the clinical domain.
The integrative psychotherapy stays curious and opened to the evolution and progress of the modern technologies of evaluation of the psychophysiological parameters and to the applications they offer to the therapeutic intervention.

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