Dreamwork as integration of personality and integration of psychotherapies

Workshop name: Dreamwork as integration of personality and integration of psychotherapies
Presenter Name and Surname : Martin Jára
Workshop duration: 1,5hr

Biography of presenter:

Psychologist, psychotherapist and trainer of psychotherapy – in Institute for group therapy, INSTEP, Czech Republic.
Educated in PCA, Gestalt therapy and family therapy.
Author of a book “Dreams Alive”. Besides dreams concerned with male themes in psychotherapy and society.

Workshop presentation:

Dreams and dreamwork are a common subject in psychoterapy. The concepts used by Freud, Jung, Perls, Boss and others differ in many ways, but all have the same goal – the dreams’ integration into the dreamer’s inner and outer life. Does this fact also offer a chance for the integration of these approaches? Can we combine the various methods into one methodology? The workshop offers a space for theoretical considerations, reflecting upon experience, exercises and examples. We welcome our dreamy colleagues and dreams of all kind.

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