Workshop name: Curious…
Presenter Name and Surname: Hannah Clarke
Workshop duration :1,5 hr

Biography of presenter:

Hannah Clarke BA(Hons) PGCE, is  a teacher, senior youth and community worker, equine assisted therapist, author and speaker. She has recently completed the teaching modules of a four year advanced diploma in integrative psychotherapy with EUROCPS, she has over 25 years experience of working with young people.
For the past ten years Hannah has been developing social programmes for young people and adults both on the autism spectrum and with other developmental needs and is dedicated to supporting all people to reach their potential, develop meaningful relationships and increase their physical, mental, emotional and social resilience. www.autismmakingfriends.com
Hannah is a trustee for the National Autistic Society (Gloucestershire Branch) and is the founder of the charity EASD – Equine Assisted Self Development. (charity membership number 376 Association of Jersey Charities.) Hannah lives in Gloucestershire in England with her partner, two dogs, one cat and six chickens.

Workshop presentation:

Ever wonder where you are on the autism spectrum? Is generosity a word that you would associate with autism and if not, why not? What makes authenticity second nature for people with autism when many neuro-typical people seem to have to strive to achieve it?
The field of autism is developing constantly with innovative discoveries frequently being made especially in neuroscience and technology, these findings are radically challenging our perceptions, judgments and stereotypes of the cognitive and social abilities of people with autism.

‘Curious…’  is an experiential seminar designed to raise your awareness and understanding of autism. In this dynamic workshop you will gain an insight into the ‘workings of the autistic mind,’ (A.M Baggs) experience what it may be like to have autism and consider the diversity, gifts and challenges of the spectrum. Now is a wonderful time to remain curious about current theory and practice and to be open hearted and relational in our approach.

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