About authenticity

Workshop name: About authenticity
Presenter Name and Surname: Anca Butu
Co –presenter Name and surname : Andreea Stoica
Duration of presentation:1.5hr

Biography of Presenter:

Butu Anca was born on 01/16/1979 in Bucharest, Romania. She has graduated from two colleges, the first one in economics, in 2001, and secondly she has graduated from the Faculty of Psychology-Sociology, University „Spiru Haret”, in 2011. She is now in her second year of basic training at ARPI, in order to achieve the required competence as psychotherapist. She has participated at several workshops organized within ARPI and various other psychotherapy clinics, on various topics („The Couple relationship”, „The art of being a woman”, „The Psychosexual development of women”, ” The Toxic relationships – how to recognize them and what we could do” etc). She thinks that psychotherapy and psychological counseling are particularly useful in the process of changing the way of thinking, in improving awareness of all aspects of life and increasing tolerance to stress. She chose the path of becoming a psychotherapist after a meeting with a therapist who helped her particularly in changing her perception regarding many aspects of her life, eight years ago.

Biography of Co-presenter

Andreea Stoica has graduated the Faculty of Psychology and Science of Education, specialized in Special Psycho-pedagogy, and at the present I am taking the Basic training program in Integrative Psychotherapy, at ARPI.
The professional experience has regarded so many domains as recruiting and selecting the employees, evaluating the managing skills and leadership, evaluating the emotional implication of the employees at the job, the evaluation of the way they identify with the organizational objectives and the projection, organization and evaluation of the developmental training programs for developing the professional competences.
Other classes/trainings I have completed:
– Basics in Psychological Profiler- Intell Psy
– Coach – Fundamental Coaching Skills Training – Coaching Essence
– Neuro-Linguistic-Programming Practitioner – Centre for professional training and personal evolution, system Psi
– Development of teams and Strength, Power and Positive Influence – AscendisCoach – Fundamental Coaching Skills Training – Coaching Essence
– The development of teams and Strength and positive influence – Ascendis

Workshop Presentation

Authenticity, as human, can only be reached after the conscious process of integrating the parts missing from the personality. Being authentic means being congruent with yourself on all plans: emotional awareness, awareness of your center in relation to the world, awareness that could only find its essence by making up all the contradictory aspects of the consciousness.
The conscious and the unconscious represent a duality, in which the individual, at the beginning, has to confront his own limits. The more the authentic integration is deepened, the more the limits of consciousness expand and the unconscious loses territory. Authenticity is an act of awareness.
The act of living completely aware means not letting yourself be lived by your own shadow and repeating the mistakes of the predecessors. The individual defines his clear limits between himself and the rest of the world, but, at the same time the individual is aware of his connection to the rest of the world and to the interdependency of all the existing elements in the field of his own awareness.
Knowing who you are means being authentic. It all starts from knowing who you are. When the individuation process, as Jung perceived it in his “abyssal psychology”, comes to an end, only then the consciousness is truly prepared for embracing the unknown. The authenticity of his own ego is defined by the power of awareness, by the depth at which you can look within yourself, in the abyss of your own unconscious without getting dizzy. Many times, being authentic means being heroic regarding yourself and an act of defiance of the paradigms of society.
It means having the capacity of questioning the dogma and not taking for good what the others say and crossing the tight filter of reason blessed with intuition and flair against the dialectics of the so-called absolute truths of others.
Being authentic means resisting the collective hypnosis over the individual. It means not living in the mind of others and being able to make at any time a leap of faith by jumping into your own interior abyss.
Authenticity, taken as an experience, means taking full responsibility of your condition as a living human being, climbing up into your consciousness to its highest peak and beyond.

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