A relational approach to working with alcohol addiction

Workshop name: A relational approach to working with alcohol addiction
Presenter Name and Surname : Joanna Hewitt Evans
Co-presenter Name and Surname: Andy Ryan
Co-presenter Name and Surname: Kathleen Carroll
Workshop duration : 1 hr 30 min

Biography of presenter:

Joanna Hewitt Evans, UKCP Gestalt and EAIP Integrative Psychotherapist is Co-director of European Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies – EUROCPS. She jointly runs an EAIP and EAP accredited Integrative Psychotherapy Training Programme EIATSCYP accredited programme for Psychotherapy with Children and Young People. She is a visiting trainer on several Psychotherapy training Programmes in Europe including ARPI and IRPI. Joanna’s interest in addiction was triggered by family history and through supervision of workers in the field.

Biography of Co-presenter

Andy Ryan, UKCP Integrative Psychotherapist and Graduate Associate of EUROCPS has worked in addiction services for over 8 years and currently manages a UK Treatment Centre for people in recovery from alcohol addiction. Andy’s interest emerged from a personal struggle with substance abuse. Alongside his work in the field he has been active strategically as vice chair of a national volunteer project and as a member of stakeholder/ service user forums.

Biography of Co-presenter

Kathleen Carroll is a Registered Independent Senior Social Worker Practitioner and Counsellor. She has a private practice in the North of England and draws on theoretical and personal experience of addiction. Kathleen has a particular interest in therapy with young people, is an experienced trainer and also works as an Advocate with children and young people in the care system.

Workshop presentation :

This workshop will consider alcohol addiction as a defense against relationship and relationship as a route to recovery. Or is it?
The workshop will explore the role of shame in the process of recovery, drawing on research , ideas and experience within the group. What does being a recovering alcoholic really mean? Does defining a person’s identity limit and diminish who they are? Do those working with addiction need to be in recovery themselves? What do Integrative psychotherapists have to offer?

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